Gubernatorial results on this page are taken from Michael Miering's "Ohio Gang" project.  

1850 Convention hopefuls

Samuel F. Vinton (W)

1850 General Election

*Reuben Wood (D) [133,093]

(Term shortened by 1 year to implement new constitution)

William Johnson (W) [121,105]

Edward Smith (Liberty/Freesoil)(Abolitionist) [13,747]

Others [93]

1851 - Second Constitution changes election year, creates office of Lt. Governor.  Governor and Lt. Governor run independently until 1982. 

1851 Governor General Election

*Reuben Wood (D) [145,654]

(Resigned 7/13/53 to become consul to Chile)

Samuel F. Vinton (W) [119,548]

Samuel Lewis (Liberty/Freesoil)(American Party) [16,918]

Others [62] 

1851 Lt. Governor General Election

*William Medill (D) 

1853 Acting Governor

William Medal 7/13/53-12/53

1853 Convention hopefuls

Clement L. Vallandigham (D)

Lost nomination by 3 delegates

1853 Governor General Election

*William Medill (D) [147,663]

Nelson Barrere (W)(Peoples) [85,857]

Samuel Lewis (Abolitionist) [50,346]

Others [21]

1853 Lt. Governor General Election

*James Myers (D)

Isaac J. Allen (W)(Peoples) 

1855 Convention hopefuls

Jacob Brinkerhoff (R) 

1855 Governor General Election

*Salmon P. Chase (R) [146,770]

William Medill (D) [131,019]

Allen Trimble (Know Nothing)(Native American) [24,276]

Others [66] 

1855 Lt. Governor General Election

*Thomas Ford (R) 

1857 Governor General Election

*Salmon P. Chase (R) [160,568]

Henry B. Payne (D) [159,065]

Phil Van Trump (Know Nothing)(Native American) [10.272]

Others [142}

1857 Lt. Governor General Election

*Martin Walker (R) 

1859 Governor General Election

*William Dennison (R) [184,557]

Judge Rufus R. Ranney (D) [171,226] 

1859 Lt. Governor General Election

*Robert Kirk (R)

1861 Governor General Election

*David Tod (Union League)(R)(switched from Democrats) [206,997]

Hugh J. Jewett (D) (1880 Presidential hopeful) [151,794]

Others [109] 

Note: Republicans hold no convention and generally backed UNion League which was a loose coalition of Fusion Democrats, Republicans and War Democrats. 

1861 Lt. Governor General Election

*Benjamin Stanton (U.L.)(R)

John Scott Harrison (D)

1863 Governor Convention Hopefuls

David Tod (U.L.)

Hugh J. Jewett (D)

Rufus P. Ranney (D)

Henry B. Payne (D) 

1863 Governor General Election

*John Brough (Union League)(R)(Switched from Democrats) [288,374] - note died 8/18/65

Clement L. Vallandigham (D) [187,492] -  note in exile Michigan & Canada

Other [23]

1863 Lt. Governor

*Charles Anderson (U.L.)

George D. Pugh (D) 


1865Charles Anderson (U.L.) acting 8/65-12/65) [288,374]


1865 Governor General Election

*Gen. Jacob Cox (Coalition Union Party)(R) [223,633]

General George Washington Morgan (D) [193,797]

Alexander Long (States Rights Democrat) [360]

1865 Lt. Governor

*Andrew G. McBurney (C.U.)(R)

William Lang (D)

Chilton A. White (SRD) - note withdrew and replaced by Michael N. Maginnis) 

1867 Governor Convention Hopefuls

Richard M. Bishop (D)

Judge Allen G. Thurman (D)

George W. Mordan (D)

George H. Pendleton (D)

Clement L. Vallandigham (D)

1867 Governor General Election

*Rutherford Bircharel Hayes (Union Republican) [243,605]

Judge Allen G. Thurman (D) (V.P. hopeful 1888) [240,622] 

1867 Lt. Governor

*John C. Lee (R)

Thomas J. Godfrey (D) 

1869 Governor Convention Hopefuls

General W.S. Rosecrans (D) - note Received nomination but declined

George H. Pendleton (D) - note selected later by state committee

Chilton A. White (D)

Samuel F. Casey (D)

William P. Richardson (D)

Milton Sayler (D)

A. Saunders Platt (D)

Lewis D. Campbell (D)

1869 Governor General Election

*Rutherford B. Hayes (R) [236,082]

George Pendleton (D) (V.P. candidate 1864) [228,581}

Samuel Scott (Prohibition) [629]

1869 Lt. Governor

*John C. Lee (R) 

1871 Governor General Election

*Edward F. Noyes (R) [238,273]

Col. George W. McCook [218,050]

Gideon T. Stewart (Prohibition) [4,084] 

1871 Lt. Governor

*Jacob Mueller (R)

General. Samuel F. Hunt (D)

1873 Governor Convention Hopefuls

George W. McCook (D)

1873 Governor General Election

*William Allen (D) [214,654]

Edward F. Noyes (R) [213,837]

Gideon T. Stewart (Prohibition) [10,278] 

Isaac C. Collins (New Peoples) [10,109]

1873 Lt. Governor

*Alphonso Hart (R)

Barnabas Burns (D)

A.S. Platt (New Peoples) 

 1875 Governor Convention Hopefuls

Judge Alphonso Taft (R)

1875 Governor General Election

*Rutherford B. Hayes (R) [297,817] - note resigned to become President] 

William Allen (D)(Greenback) [292,273]

Jay O'Dell (Prohibition) [2,593]

Others [17]

1875 Lt. Governor

*Thomas L. Young (R) (Became Governor)

H.W. Curtis (R) (became acting Governor)

Samuel F. Cary (D) 


Thomas L. Young (R) acting (3/3/77-12/77)

1877 Governor Convention Hopefuls

General Durbin Ward (D)

George L. Converse (D)

John L. Vance (D)

George W. Geddes (D)

Thomas Ewing (D)

E.D. Potter Sr. (D) 

John W. Heisley (D)

A.S. Piatt (D)

1877 Governor General Election

*Richard M. Bishop (D) [271,625]

Judge William H. West (R) [249,105]

Lewis H. Bond (Workingnams Labor) [12,489]

Stephen Johnson (Nat. Greenback) [16,912]

Henry A. Thompson (Prohibition) [4,836]

Others [93]

1877 Lt. Governor

*Jabez W. Fitch (D)

Ferdinand Vogeler (R) 

1879 (First modern style campaign)

1879 Governor Convention Hopefuls

Richard M. Bishop (D)

Americus V. Rice (D)

Durbin Ward (D) 

1879 Governor General Election

*Charles Foster (R) [336,261]

Thomas Ewing Jr. (D) [319,132]

Gideon T. Stewart (Prohibition) [4,145]

A. Sanders Piatt (Greenback) [9,072]

John Hood (Soc.) [547]

1879 Lt. Governor General Election

*Andrew Hickenlooper (R)

Americus V. Rice (D) 

1881 Governor General Election

*Charles Foster (R) [312,735]

John W. Bookwalter (D) [288,426]

Abraham R. Ludlow (Prohibition) [16,597] 

John J. Seitz (Greenback) [6,330]

Others [138]

1881 Lt. Governor

*Rees G. Richards (R)

Edgar M. Johnson (D)

Charles Jenkins (Greenback)

Jason McVay (Prohibition) 

1883 Governor Convention Hopefuls

*Charles Foster (R)

Gen. Durbin Ward (D)

George W. Geddes (D) 

1883 Governor General Election

*Judge George Hoadly (D) (switched from Republicans) [359,693]

Joseph B. Foraker (R) [347,164]

Ferdinand Schumacher (Prohibition) [8,362]

Charles Jenkins (Greenback) [2,937]

Others [3,154]

1883 Lt. Governor 

*John G. Warwick (D)

William G. Rose (R)

1885 Governor Convention Hopefuls

Robert P. Kennedy (R) 

1885 Governor General Election

*Joseph B. Foraker (R) (Presidential hopeful) [359,281]

Judge George Hoadly (D) [341,830]

Adna B. Leonard (Prohibition) [28,081)

John W. Northrop (Greenback) [2,001]

Others [2,774] 

1885 Lt. Governor

*Robert P. Kennedy (R) [360,720] - note resigned to become Congressman

John G. Warwick (D) [341,809] 


Silas A. Conrad (R) acting Lt. Governor

1887 Governor Convention Hopefuls

James E. Campbell (D)

Martin A. Foran (D) 

1887 Governor General Election

*Joseph B. Foraker (R) [354,534]

Thomas E. Powell (D) [333,205]

Morris Sharp (Prohibition) [29,700]

John J. Seitz (Union Labor) [24,711]

Others [2,820]

1887 Lt. Governor

*William C. Lyon (R)

DeWitt C. Coolman (D)

George P. tyler (D) hopeful

David L. Wadsworth (D) hopeful

1889 Governor Convention Hopefuls

Lawrence T. Neal (D)

Virgil P. Kline (D) 

1889 Governor General Election

*James E. Campbell (D) [379,423]

Joseph B. Foraker (R) [368,551]

John B. Helwig (Prohibition) [26,504]

John H. Rhoades (Union Labor) [1,048]

Others [195]

1889 Lt. Governor

1891 Governor General Election

*William McKinley (R) (President 1897-1901) [386,739]

James E. Campbell (D) [365,228]

John J. Ashenhurst (Prohibition)

John J. Seitz (Peoples) [23,472]

Others [2] 

1891 Lt. Governor

1893 Governor General Election

*William McKinley (R) [433,342}

Lawrence T. Neal (D) [352,347]

Gideon P. Macklin (Prohibition) [22,406]

Edward J. Bracken (Peoples) [15,563]

Others [11,946]

1893 Lt. Governor

*Andrew . Harris (R) [423,000]

William A. Taylor (D) [347,000] 

1895 Governor Hopefuls

George K. Nash (R)

James Hoyt (R)

John W. Barger (R)

A.W. Jones (R) 

1895 Governor General Election

*Asa Bushnell (R) [427,141]

James E. Campbell (D) [334,519]

Seth H. Ellis (Prohibition) [21,264]

Jacob S. Coxey (Peoples) [52,675]

William Watkins (Socialist Labor) [1,867]

? John Richardson (Liberty) [?]

Others [3] 

1895 Lt. Governor

*A.W. Jones (R)

John B. Peaslee (D) 

1897 Governor Convention Hopefuls

? Douglas (R)

Robert E. Hough (D)

John C. Welty (D)

Dennis Donovan (D)

Paul T. Sorg (D)

John W. Winn (D)

A.W. Patrick (D)

Allen G. Thurman (D)

John J. Lentz (D)

Samuel M. Hunter (D)

John M. Vanmeter (D)

John G. Reeves (D)

Allen Smalley (D)

James A Rice (D) 

1897 Governor General Election

*Asa Bushnell (R) [429,915]

Horace L. Chapman (D) [401,750]

John C. Holiday (Prohibition) [7,555] 

Jacob Sechler Coxey (Peoples) [6,276] - note leader of Coxey's Army and Presidential minor party candidate

William Watkins (Socialist Labor) [4,246]

John Richardson (Liberty) [3,105]

? Samuel M. Jones (Independent) [?]

Samuel J. Lewis (Negroe Protection) [477]

Julius Dexter (National Democrat) [1,662]

1899 Governor Convention Hopefuls

Linn W. Hull (R)

? Douglas (R)

Harry Daugherty (R)

John J. Lentz (D)

James A. Rice (D)

James Kilbourne (D)

Charles H. Haskell (D)

Isaac R. Sherwood (D)

James P. Seward (D)

1899 Governor General Election

*George K. Nash (R) [417,189]

John R.C. McLean (D) [368,176]

George M.T. Hammell (Prohibition) [5,825]

Robert Bandlow (Socialist Labor) [2,439]

Samuel M. Jones (Independent) [106,721] - note "Golden Rule" Jones Mayor of Toledo

Seth H. Ellis (Union Reform) [7,799] 

1899 Lt. Governor

*John A. Caldwell (R)

A. W. Patrick (D)